Bugatti Enters a New Era of Hybrid Performance with the $4 Million Tourbillon

June 21, 2024 6:37 PM

By: MPH Team

The wait is over: Bugatti has officially introduced its latest innovation, the Bugatti Tourbillon, a $4 million hypercar boasting an astonishing 1,800 horsepower. This new model is set to replace the Bugatti Chiron, placing enormous pressure on Bugatti Rimac’s new CEO, Mate Rimac. Reflecting on this immense challenge, Rimac aptly states, “Bugatti is created by extraordinary people. We are standing on the shoulders of giants.


The Tourbillon represents a transformative step for the French marque, transitioning from its renowned W16 engine to an advanced hybrid powertrain. This significant evolution is driven by the strategic merger with Rimac, the renowned force behind the all-electric Nevera.


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The V16 Hybrid Powertrain


At the heart of the Bugatti Tourbillon lies an all-new chassis and a groundbreaking V16 engine, developed in collaboration with British race car engineering firm Cosworth. This naturally aspirated engine is complemented by three electric motors, one in the back and two in the front, collectively generating at least 800 horsepower. The total output of this hybrid powertrain reaches an impressive 1,800 horsepower, making the Tourbillon capable of reaching speeds exceeding 275 mph.


Bugatti's decision to eschew turbochargers in favor of a naturally aspirated engine underscores its commitment to delivering an invigorating driving experience. "We wanted to make the most exciting, most emotional combustion engine possible," said Rimac. The high-revving engine, free from the constraints of turbocharging, promises a visceral and engaging performance.


With a fully charged battery, the Bugatti Tourbillon can travel approximately 37 miles on purely electric power. For those who prefer the roar of the V16, the gas engine can be run continuously.


Design Inspired by Tradition and Innovation


The Bugatti Tourbillon draws inspiration from the iconic Bugattis of the past, including the Type 57 SC Atlantic, the Type 41 Royale, and the Type 35. Its design pays homage to mechanical precision, as evidenced by its instrument display modeled after mechanical watch dials. The name "Tourbillon" itself is a nod to the intricate set of gears in a watch that maintains accuracy, reflecting Bugatti's meticulous attention to detail.


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"Every part, from a brake caliper to a suspension arm or some kind of bracket, has to be a piece of art. Even if the customer doesn’t see it." stated CEO Mate Rimac in an interview.


The Revolution in Interior Design


Bugatti’s dedication to timeless design is evident in the Tourbillon's interior. The gauge cluster is presented like a mechanical timepiece, mounted to the steering column, and never obscured. The glass covering these dials is milled sapphire crystal, a pricey material used in watchmaking for its scratch resistance. "The real revolution is in the interior," says Rimac, emphasizing the analog beauty and mechanical fascination of the car's design.


Frank Heyl, director of design for Bugatti Rimac, adds, "We're trapped in the technology of our time. So how do we make a car relevant at a concours in 2075 without looking silly in a time that will have holographic displays or augmented-reality contact lenses? Give the entire interior an analog way that you can interact with it."



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The fixed-hub steering wheel never obscures the instrument cluster, and a Swiss watchmaker builds the gauges, complete with raised numbers and physical needles. For those needing some pixels, a small screen is available but can fold away, leaving only the crystal spine of the console and the softest of leather in its wake. All of this is customizable, and Bugatti will match your Tourbillon to a particular watch or yacht you’re fond of.


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Exterior Design and Performance Technology


The Tourbillon's exterior design elements, such as the horseshoe grille, the C-shaped dividing line at the back of the cabin, and the raised spine running down the center of the roof, visually connect it to the Chiron and other significant Bugattis like the Type 35 and the Atlantic. Although it bears a resemblance to the Chiron, the Tourbillon shares not a single component with its predecessor. It's 1.3 inches lower, with a narrower horseshoe grille, edgier C-line, and wider fenders.


Unlike many hypercars that rely on slats and spats for aerodynamics, the Tourbillon controls airflow with subtle entry points at the headlights and C-lines. A carbon fiber underbody diffuser runs beneath the rear half of the car, and its presence allows the submerged rear wing to serve strictly as an airbrake, reducing drag on the way to a top speed of 277 mph. The sophisticated software controlling the merger of engine and motors, all developed in-house at Bugatti Rimac, allows 60 mph to arrive in an estimated 2.0 seconds and 250 mph in about 25 seconds.


"It's about the same weight as a Chiron or even lighter," Rimac says. "It has more power, reduced frontal area, and a hybrid powertrain. We will not rest on our laurels."



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Production and Availability


Bugatti intends to build just 250 Tourbillons, with production kicking off in 2026. Securing one of these masterpieces requires more than just a substantial financial investment; the French brand will sell only to buyers with an established record of purchasing Bugatti or Rimac models.



Bugatti's Vision for the Future


As Bugatti continues to evolve, this new model ensures that the brand's legacy of performance, luxury, and craftsmanship will endure for generations to come. The Tourbillon, described as "incomparable in every detail" and "a pure embodiment of Bugatti's DNA," is designed not just for the present but "pour l’éternité" – for eternity.




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